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6 Main Features of a Good Online Store

online-storeConsumers are in constant search for better online shopping experiences as the industry becomes more competitive – its continuously expanding and improving.  So when you are choosing which online shop to use here are 6 features of good, reliable online stores that you might like to keep in mind:



  1. online-store-payment-optionsBetter payment options. Consumers prefer to make transactions with online sellers that offer the best payment alternatives for security and convenience. Many online shoppers feel more comfortable checking out items through PayPal, checks or money orders and Google Checkout instead of giving their credit card information directly to the site. 
  1. User friendly sites and those with easy interface are preferable. One of the reasons why consumers pick online shopping instead of the conventional one includes speed that helps save time; products are easily searched making them close the transactions in a matter of minutes. Here, brands and categories can easily be navigated for comfort. If the site you visited does not include in their Ecommerce shopping cart a search feature, better do your shopping elsewhere. Best example for a site with good user interface is @the Cupboard. It’s an online retail shop that pays the highest attention to users’ convenience. 
  1. Site’s with SSL Certificate seals. Anyone who is doing any online transactions feels wary about giving any personal information as security is always a rising issue. As a consumer, ensure to make transactions through websites with built-in SSL data encryption for optimum security. With this technology, you are confident that your personal information is protected. Buy safe all the time by choosing an online shop wisely. 
  1. online-product-reviewsProducts or site’s reviews and ratings should be visible and available. “Word of mouth” has been the best business strategy since mankind started the business world. It is very important to check if the seller’s site displays previous customers’ reviews and ratings before jumping to closing any transaction. This may help prevent future inconvenience or dissatisfaction. At the same time, expectations will be fairly set. 
  1. Real time product inventory feature is also important. Finding out that the product is really not in stock after going through the lengthy process of filling out the order forms can be very frustrating and disappointing. Having this feature in the seller’s website can ensure that the information they see on their computers is what’s actually available for them. Transparency is one of the most commendable traits of a good online store. 
  1. Order_TrackingSeller’s on site order tracking is very beneficial for after sales transactions. Good online stores send transaction confirmations usually with the order tracking number through email for customers’ reference. This will allow you to check the progress of your orders every step of the way. Also, shipping notification emails are sent out to the customers in case they want to know the shipping status of their orders. You can do this normally through the account you created upon registration.