Scandinavian design always seems on trend… We think the reason for this is that the unfussy minimalist aesthetic is combined with GOOD QUALITY.    Candles are an important part of this look, and high style is a must – they are often white or monochrome colours and the style always appears  clean and clear.

Denmark has a very strong tradition for making outstanding quality candles.  The long, dark winters make the cosy glow of candle light a must.  A lit candle provides a gathering point for a secure, warm atmosphere.  Ester & Erik candles are scentless… this makes the main focus visual.  No scent allows your mind to wander and not be restricted to gardens of roses or vanilla milkshakes!!


In 1987 Ester and Erik (husband and wife) began producing hand-dipped candles.   They refined the traditional Danish techniques, and added a few of their own.  Today they manufacture candles with modern shiny surfaces, such as mother-of-pearl and lacquer finishes.  Their candles are a design statement, beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside.   Ester and Erik candles are dripless so you can maintain that simple look by placing them directly on furniture without the distraction of a tray.   They have a lean look to them, and they look stylish on their own or in a cluster, one colour or a combination, tall or shorter heights!

Shorter candles are 22cm tall, and burn for 13 hours.   Larger candles are 34cm tall, and burn for 25hours… to prevent drips make sure there isn’t a draft around that will upset the flame, and keep wicks trimmed!

Ester and Erik candles can be found all over the world in exclusive interior design shops…and, of course,