Home Styling

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love nothing more than going home to your family (or your pets!) at the end of a long day, putting your feet up, and relaxing at home – your one place where you can be yourself and be inspired and comforted by your surroundings. The only way to achieve your own home sweet home is to build it, not necessarily brick by brick, with home styling and interior decorating that comes from the heart. To turn a pile of bricks and mortar into a place you can fall in love with, you need to make it a reflection of yourself and your personality, that will also leave a mark on your guests that you can be proud of.

With carefully planned interior decorating that incorporates your personal tastes and home styling aspirations, you can achieve the home you‘ve dreamt of by shopping for products online. Using social networks like Pinterest, you can create your own personal mood boards to help you in your home styling challenge, where you can compare and contrast interior decorating ideas, colours and textures. You can store your favourite items online and make an informed decision, which we prefer than visiting home stores in person and making unsure purchases and colour matching from memory. Following Pinterest and Instagram accounts that are dedicated to showcasing beautiful homes will give you a tonne of home styling inspiration, but if you want unique and everlastingly stylish pieces, check out the home design ideas on our website. Because we only stock home wares that we personally love and know will look great in any home, you can be confident that our products will look charming, timeless, stylish, and retain their great quality in years to come.

IMG_1097Cushions are super popular in home styling. We love them because they add a soft look to a room, but at the same time they can bring colour, fun, and texture to your interior decorating. You can place them randomly, but we prefer the cluttered, comfortable, and ambient style.

Vases are another timeless way to add fun and interesting pieces to your home subtly. There are sofeature3 many options available today, there’s almost too much choice. Depending on the look you want to achieve, we love adding quirky shaped vases, like these quirky coloured milk bottle vases stocked here @ The Cupboard, to minimal or ‘shabby chic’ decorated homes as an alternative feature. You can keep them empty, or add a single flower to each vase for a spring time ‘home sweet home’ atmosphere.

Feature decorations are great, but try not to compromise your space. Large open spaces and less clutter does wonders for our mood, so by keeping lots of window and floor space we don’t get overwhelmed by our own style.

feature2And finally, don’t forget how important the scent of your home is in transforming it into your very own ‘home sweet home’. Our favourite scent at the moment is our Glasshouse Fragrances Montego Bay Coconut Lime candle…pop one in your basket next time you come to @ The Cupboard for funky and inspiring home wares.