Housewarming Gifts

When our friends and loved ones turn a new chapter of their life and move into a new home, we want to wish them nothing but love and happiness. It also gives us a great excuse to go searching for interior decorating inspiration and shopping for housewarming gifts!

Before you choose the perfect, speak to your friend about her home design ideas and learn more about her interior decorating style. The challenge is to find something unique and timeless, that will complement her personal home style. A gift with thought and a story behind it will say more than a boring, thoughtless, and general gift.

Housewarming gifts for home styling should be functional as well as beautiful. Even if that function is to look great in her new home and complement their own home design ideas, They won’t just look great, but they’ll be a sentimental reminder of your friendship and support. By listening to your friends on their relocating journey, you can totally understand and get to grips with their interior decorating plans and home design ideas, which will give you a head start on finding the ideal housewarming gifts. The more useful the housewarming gifts are, the more special and appreciated it will be.Alimrose dottie_peach1

If your friend is moving into a new place for the first time, and they finally have a place to call their own, why not give them a interior decorating housewarming gift that is timeless and they can take it with them each time they move…but in that case best stick to smaller items! If your friends have smaller children who are feeling the effects of an upheaval and the madness of moving home, treat them with their own moving mascot to keep them company, like this absolutely adorable Alimrose Audrey doll:

If you aren’t sure of your friend’s personal home design ideas, stick to neutral housewarming gifts that are versatile and can be used in any room of the home, in endless amounts of interior decorating styles. We’d be delighted if we received this metallic pot by Have You Met Miss Jones. Not only is it bright and eye catching, it’s charming, useful, and timeless. What’s not to love?HYMMJcoppergreen1

@ The Cupboard, we only stock the best and most beautiful interior decorating products and housewarming gifts, so you won’t be overwhelmed by choice but you can be sure that you’re giving your friend a high quality, unique, and timeless housewarming gift. Shopping for housewarming gifts online is simple if you’re overwhelmed by the choice in stores, and you can make a more informed and researched decision before you purchase.

Remember to send a heartfelt and sincere good luck message with your gift to remind your close one how special they are and how supportive you are of them at what is probably a very hectic and unorganised time for them! Most people don’t move home too many times in their life, so don’t rush your decision and make sure you support your friend in their new home and interior decorating journey by giving them the perfect housewarming gifts.