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How to accessorise: Where to begin?

How to accessorise is something we get asked about a lot. How to choose the right fashion accessories and the best colours, fabrics, styles, sizes. It all makes a difference to how we look and we love helping our shoppers find the best fashion accessories and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Fashion accessories are an art, but one we can all learn to master (with a little help from our friends!). Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t always the easiest and most purse-friendly thing to do, but fashion accessories mean that we can update our outfits just by adding scarves and jewellery. Luckily for you, we’re here to keep you right!

We follow the golden rule that less is usually more, so don’t throw on all of your accessories at once. Go for the fashion accessories that show off your outfit, paying attention to the latest fashion trends and not wearing everything you own.

To avoid being a fashion victim and looking like you’ve just arrived here from the 1990s, don’t overdo it by matching all of your fashion accessories to one colour. We like to show our creativity and style by breaking the rules and blending colours and styles together. Style secret: neutral colours and subtle fashion accessories are easier to wear together than bold colours and big prints! Our favorite of the latest fashion trends is to dress plain and neutral, but jazz our outfits up with bold fashion accessories. Once you know how to accessorise this way, you can be bolder and experiment with more dramatic fashion accessories.  

Large earrings aren’t a great partner for an oversized statement necklace. Keep in mind the latest fashion trends for statement pieces of jewellery and fashion accessories, but don’t overdo it. Choose one or the other, especially if you have small and dainty features. Don’t forget to experiment, and grow your collection of fashion accessories so you can mix and match as you’re getting ready.


When shopping for fashion accessories, don’t forget to show off your best bits! Love showing off your big blue eyes? Choose a necklace with the same tone of blue. Want sharper cheekbones? Get your hands on some big hoop earrings. It’s okay to have a signature style, but you should be willing to take risks. This is where the magic happens, and where you’ll have the most fun experimenting with new styles and the latest fashion trends. Never forget your personality! Confidence is the best fashion accessory you can wear. If you have the confidence to do it, you can pull off almost anything!

We get our inspiration for products and style from across the world. Fashion magazines are a good starting point, but so are fashion bloggers and Instagram accounts. If you need some inspiration on how to accessorize and what fashion accessories to buy, keep an eye on your favourite style icons and our website for ideas and updates. The right fashion accessories can transform and enhance an entire outfit but if you’re unsure on what’s hot and what’s not, you can always pop back to our blog for the latest fashion trends and accessory inspiration.