Latest fashion trends: fashion accessories

Nothing beats the feeling of looking forward to a special occasion and arranging your outfit specifically. If we’re ever having a hard time finding something to wear, it’s not because we don’t have enough clothes, it’s phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgactually because we haven’t found the right combination of fashion accessories yet. It doesn’t matter what we’re dressing for, unless we can relay the latest fashion trends and our personality, we don’t feel like we’ve found the perfect outfit. Instead of spending hours in store changing rooms, desperately trying to find something that will come close to the outfit of our dreams, it’s easier to work with fashion accessories, investigate the latest fashion trends, and get shopping for new accessories or jewellery online.

Although we’d love one, we don’t have huge Carrie Bradshaw inspired walk in wardrobes that are bursting at the seams. Being fashion enthusiasts, we know the value of good fashion accessories and how important they are for updating our outfits to the latest fashion trends. If you know how to accessorize, you can pull off any trend. Because it’s our job to keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, it comes naturally to us. But if you’re unsure, you can be confident that we only sell items that we love, and we know are stunning and stylish.

190099_wa001_tan_01_mediumOur most important accessory of all, aside from our smartphones – is probably our wallets. We couldn’t get far at all without them, and while they’re obviously functional, we like them to look adorable. One of our favourites, which we stock here @ The Cupboard, is this designer handbag wallet by Elm + King. It’s chic and durable, being made from PU fabric, and versatile in style so you can take it from day to night.

It’s worth investing in designer handbags if they’re durable and timeless, like these sleek wallets, which will last for years and never fall out of style. Wallets are having a style moment right now, and are one of the latest fashion trends that you shouldn’t be overlooking. They can transcend from casual and miniature cross body bags, to evening clutch bags, and even to an ordinary bag organizer inside an oversized tote.

Scarves are another of our favourite fashion accessories and can be worn in an endless amount of ways. Soft and light KCIS - Crochet Knit Stoneones are more suitable for spring and summer, but bring out the big chunky ones to keep you warm in autumn and winter. Smaller scarves can add a splash of colour or texture to on outfit, but bigger scarves will have more of an impact. And you don’t have to wear them around your neck. We like to wear ours on our heads to protect our hair in the summer (with some oversized sunglasses too!), or wrap them around the handles of our designer handbags to add a bit of colour and uniqueness to a popular style. Stocking up by buying scarves online isn’t a bad idea – make sure you have a stash of colours and materials so you always have them to hand…scarves might be one of our favourite latest fashion trends, but they never go out of style. Buy scarves online for friends and family – they make great gifts and because we all wear them in different ways, they’re easy to personalize and style.

We only stock the most stylish, versatile, and timeless pieces at @ The Cupboard. Check out our online shop to get your fashion accessories today.