Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon….heard of him?
You might have a piece of him somewhere in your home.
He is beautifully made, functional and timeless…

Robert Gordon is one of Australia’s last large scale potteries, in business now for over 25 years. Most pieces are designed and made by hand (yes! by human hands) in Victoria.

IMG_56641aNo two pieces are the same, each one being high fired above 1200c which means that there won’t be any cracking or annoying hair line fractures that let that pesky moisture seep in and ultimately destroy the piece.

Oh, and Robert Gordon is actually a person – Robert ‘Andy’ Gordon’s mum was renowned Australian potter June Dyson. ‘Andy’ followed in his mother’s footsteps, and now his four adult children are part of this highly successful Australian business.

We love going to visit the Robert Gordon stand at the Trade Fairs we attend…the family is always in attendance at the stall and are personable and knowledgeable about their “babies”… they have even had a real life pottery wheel and potter demonstrating the birth of another exquisite piece…

Quality, originality and heritage….
come and meet the Gordons @THE CUPBOARD!