Wedding Gifts

We love celebrating the weddings of our loved ones, and we love to share gifts that show our celebration for the union. However, we know selecting wedding gifts that are unique and fitting can be a difficult challenge. When our loved ones get married, we want to shower them with wedding gifts that show that how much they mean to us, and how happy we are in their happiness.

Home styling wedding gifts are always a great option. Whether the couple have been cohabiting for a while and they deserve a small update now that they have celebrated a wedding, or they are embarking on their first adventure of living together after marriage and will be giving their home an interior decorating makeover, helping them to achieve their own home sweet home is a great route to go down. As long as they receive something that is unique to them and unforgettable, you can’t go wrong. If you’re still struggling to source the perfect wedding gifts, take a read of out home styling and home design ideas for inspiration:

New couples often register at department stores so they can make a polite request for the gifts they would like. This is a great idea for general gift giving, and usually features lots of home styling products and home design ideas, but it’s a much less personal way to gift than giving one-off and unique presents…we much prefer the personal touch!

Carre Frames set of 4 Ash1If you’re like us and you prefer a personal touch, give your friends or family wedding gifts that appeal to their hobbies and interests. For a budding photographer, you can’t go wrong going down the home styling route and presenting them with a beautiful and chic set of photo frames for them to share photos of their special day.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money, as special friends will treasure special wedding gifts more than expensive and impersonal store bought gifts. Use your own skills of crafting, painting, writing, or music to make them a completely unique and inspired wedding gift they they’ll never be able to forget. Staying down the home styling route, what about a new handmade cushion, or ceramic ornament? Time is far more valuable than money, and dedicating your time to creating your own gift is the best any friend could ask for. If it was our wedding day we’d much prefer something timeless and inimitable. Plus, what do you buy the couple that has everything?

Crane Flower 100hr Candle 2aA home scent might feel a little mainstream as an idea for wedding gifts, but a gorgeous candle or diffuser with a specific scent will subtly remind a couple of their special day for a long time afterwards as the scent envelops their home and takes them back.

If you’re still at a loss and not sure if your creative skills are advanced enough to create your own wedding gift, the next thing to do is ask them. It might kill of the surprise, but your loved ones will receive something special that they have been dreaming of for a while. And if they really love you, we’re sure they’ll love any of your wedding gifts, even if you turn up empty handed. The most important thing to any friend on their wedding day is sharing their special day with their favourite people.