What to look for when buying jewellery online

Remember when Marilyn sang ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’? Well, we couldn’t agree more. Nothing makes us happier than buying new jewellery online and having stacks of new fashion accessories to choose from when we’re looking to spice up our outfits. Jewellery in all

colors and materials has magical powers where it can breathe life into a plain wardrobe.najoB4773a

For us, fashion accessories, and jewellery especially, are a staple part of our wardrobe. This includes precious stones given as presents, unique pieces collected on our travels, and our favourite costume jewellery which we usually buy online. Every person’s collection is unique, as you’d expect, to reflect their personal style, but to fit in with the latest fashion trends too. It’s important to find your personal balance between fashion and personality, showcasing your own personal tastes and outing your own spin on the latest fashion trends.

Today there is so much choice available when buying jewellery online, it’s almost overwhelming.  That’s why we source only best, most beautiful, and most dynamic pieces that are leading the latest fashion trends but are timeless too.

Wabi Double-PolkaLuka1Plus, shopping on our site couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Once you’ve picked the right fashion accessory for you, just add to your shopping cart, process the payment, and we’ll send your new purchase on its way to you. All without leaving the house or even getting dressed – lazy Sundays were invented for buying jewellery online, right?

Necklaces have been worn by women and men for years, and were traditionally one of the most simple fashion accessories to make. Now they’re a staple in our style evolutions, from every day dainty pieces to one off statement necklaces. As long as you aren’t wearing a top or dress with a very busy neckline, necklaces can look great on any kind of outfit and make a stunning point of focus. An interesting necklace with a bold color can make a big statement and instantly jazz up a plain outfit. When buying a necklace or any other piece of jewellery online, with high quality photos you can see the style, colour, shape, or length without even leaving your home. Easy peasy!

Earrings are one of the most staple pieces of jewellery for women today and they’re available in a huge range of Najo E3692amaterials, from plastic to metal, and in all sizes. Long drop earrings will elongate your neck and make you appear taller, even slimming out your face (this is a winner for us!), but a pair of smaller drop earrings with more sparkle will add a subtle hint of glamour – yes please! Before you buy the matching set of earrings and necklace, consider a clashing or mismatched set and go down a different route, which is a lot more fun!

Remember to be brave when buying jewellery online, and keep an open mind when buying earrings and necklaces to wear together. Most importantly, have fun trying new things and keeping ahead of the latest fashion trends – just like we do!